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Other than the fun of playing the market and interacting with the community, AthleteXchange offers the opportunity for traders to redeem their portfolio $ for real prizes. Over $120,000 in Prize Redemptions have been awarded to our top traders!

Recent Prize Winners:
3ggs - 50" TV
Gcrew007 - $100 Gift Card
commish422 - $50 Gift Card
actuary - $100 Gift Card
RDP87 - 42" TV

In order to redeem, you must have enough prize-eligible $AX cash to cover the cost of the prize. This value is displayed below.

Your Prize Eligibility Status: Currently Eligible For Gift Cards & TVs - $0 To Spend

You may only redeem for one gift card in any 365 day period. You may only redeem for one TV in any 730 day period.

Your Prize History

Auctions - Below are current prize auctions in progress. To bid on any prize, enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay. The system will autobid on your behalf up to your maximum.

Televisions - Prices for televisons are adjusted monthly to reflect current pricing available and to be relational to auction values of gift cards. Last Pricing Update: 2/22/15

Redemption Value - $10,000,000 Fixed Cost

Get a 50 inch flatscreen HDTV


*Prizes are subject to availability based on advertising revenue - You also will be subject to a fraud check and must be able to provide verifible information about yourself.

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